This post is #1 in a series of short posts written to answer common questions I’ve been asked over the years about what a copywriter does. I’ve found that:

  • most people are confused about what a copywriter does
  • people don’t know that a copywriter actually exists to help them write content or
  • have trust issues hiring a copywriter or
  • want to pay peanuts for a high level of expertise (because let’s face it, everyone knows how to write)

Why didn’t I answer these questions on my FAQ page?

Because I believe that it needs its own blog post. Eventually, I’ll combine all the posts and add them to my proposal or send them to a prospective client.


What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter creates original content for your business that:

  • attracts your dream client
  • educates them on what you offer
  • convinces people to click the buy button
  • sign up for your email list or
  • buy your course.

Here are the types of copy I’ve written in the last month:

  • 7-page website copy for an EQ coach
  • 3-minute video script
  • Home and About page for a fragrances company
  • Interview style pieces ranging from 165 – 300 words for a corporate magazine
  • Blog posts on resilience and managing your home and work life, MailChimp eDM, a website page on new online courses for a training company
  • Feature article for a news website

build a new website

How a copywriter adds value to your business using their expertise

A copywriter is skilled in different areas which they tap into to write your copy. We understand consumer psychology and how to persuade people to buy what you’re selling.

We know how to present critical information in the best way possible.

More importantly, we use simple and clear language to communicate with your customer.

We’re also skilled storytellers, drawing the audience in and connecting with them emotionally.

A copywriter knows:

  • what drives people to buy (pain points)
  • what makes them click (consumer psychology)
  • how your product is the solution to their problems
  • to create the right tone of voice for your business so your dream customer can relate to your business (style and tone)
  • how to make you stand out using words (differentiation), and
  • how to make your website rank for certain words on Google
  • get you publicity for your business (writing a press release)
  • write short and long ads
  • create research reports on particular topics, for example, I researched and wrote a social media analysis report for a client who wanted to find out how to position themselves better on social media and get more traction for their accounts
  • write editorials and advertorials for newspapers
  • find story-worthy angles in your organisation and create content based on it
  • write customer stories
  • write case studies
  • write sales pages to help you promote a product or service
  • write social media ads and posts
  • write annual reports

A copywriter is highly skilled at creating content that leads to sales. Every piece of content has to achieve a particular sales objective.

What does a copywriter do?

Content writer vs Copywriter

Maybe you’ve heard of titles like a content writer or content creator? These writers are different from a copywriter in that their content is not sales-oriented, it’s more for educating or informing audiences.

Who is a content strategist?

Ever wondered if a content strategist is also a copywriter? The answer is yes. They can perform both roles if needed. A copywriter can also be a content strategist and vice versa.

A content strategist is someone who plans, develops and creates clear and relevant content based on your business goals and needs.

For example, if you’re launching a new product then you might need email marketing content, social media posts, ads and blog posts. A copywriter creates a strategy and writes the content for you.

I hope this post has explained clearly what a copywriter does.

In my next post, I will answer the question: How a copywriter can help your business.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay