Copywriters scare some folks, while other businesses remain oblivious to the value the right copywriter can add in terms of customer retention, attraction and engagement.
Choosing the right copywriter for your business can be a hit-and-miss but by taking the right steps, it’s possible to find someone who you can work with without it causing you massive headaches.
choosing the right copywriter for your business
In this post, I share the types of questions I frequently get asked by clients who are looking for copywriters to help with various writing projects (and what you need to ask before hiring a copywriter).
How many years have you been writing?
The number of years your copywriter has been in business is indicative of how good they’re – experienced and established copywriters often deliver work quickly, are professional with great clients in their portfolio and have the right systems and processes set up – plus they have a nice looking website.
Sloppy copywriters will quickly and simply go out of business!
Some copywriters starting out may be inexperienced or have writing experience in other niches.
If your copywriter is a young ‘un, but you really want to work with them, start them off on a small copywriting job like blog posts to see if their style suits your business.
Trust me, you’ll know.
What relevant experience can you bring to my business?
Copywriters are a rare breed because we have the ability to learn, and learn quickly about different industries to create solid copy. But if you want a techie writer, then a writer who specialises in parenting magazines may not be a good fit.
Can you send me some writing samples?
Many good copywriters have copywriting portfolios available on their website. If not, you should always ask for different examples of their writing before hiring them e.g. brochures, blog posts, website copy.
There’s no point in hiring a blog writer to write technical reports – especially if they’ve never done it before.
Can’t be bothered to Google Search because heck all these copywriters sound exactly the same? Try this copywriting directory or this article on where to find them.
Can we get together for a meeting?
I’ll tell you a secret: We copywriters are more comfortable talking to clients across email and rarely on the phone.
But we can be persuaded to get out of our tracky dacks and ugg boots occasionally to meet you in person (warning: it varies from copywriter to copywriter).
I meet clients without charging them for the meeting but they’ve confirmed it’s a done deal before we meet face-to-face.
Any other face-to-face meetings with a new client are charged per hour. After all, you wouldn’t expect a GP to meet you for free in the first visit right?
How much do you charge?
Some copywriters charge by the hour, others charge per project. Many copywriters can give you a rough ballpark but it’s only after preparing a full copywriting proposal for your specific project that we can work out how much it’ll cost to the last cent.
Ps: We are not dodging your question or being difficult on purpose.
There you have it, the checklist or guide on what to ask your copywriter before hiring them for your business.
What other questions would you like included in the list?