Small business copywriting: 11 ways copywriting can improve your business (or what a copywriter does and how they can help).

Are you a small business owner? Check!
Struggling with a blank page when it comes to writing? Unsure what content is actually working? Check!
Do you know what a copywriter does? Ummm…
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Don’t DIY: Hire a small business copywriter

Many small business owners don’t know who a ‘copywriter’ is and often DIY their own content.
The website is full of typos. The copy doesn’t engage or persuade customers, so people buy from your competitors instead.
There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia (Source: ABS).
How do you stand out, attract and keep customers, and get found by new customers?

Back to my second question: do you know what a copywriter does?

A copywriter is a technical term for someone who writes for a living. As a freelance copywriter (I work for myself), I write:

  • website content
  • press releases
  • blog articles
  • brochures
  • feature articles
  • case studies
  • About pages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • video scripts

Copywriters are skilled in the art of words. They create simple but effective content for your business.
So how can a copywriter help you improve sales, keep customers and get new customers?

Here are 11 ways in which a copywriter can add value to your small business:

#1 A new perspective

You can’t create the best content because you’re too involved.
It’s hard to step out and see what makes you unique, and why something is not working.
A copywriter can bring a fresh pair of eyes, ideas and marketing skills.

#2 Clear, persuasive website

When was the last time you really looked at your own website?
If your website is full of typos or worse, copy and pasted from elsewhere, it’s time you hired a copywriter.

A copywriter skilled in writing website content will:

  • bring out your business’s best qualities
  • provide customers with clear CTA
  • tell them why they should be buying from you

#3 Wins you awards
Been lusting after that small business award but too busy to fill in an award submission? Who has time to complete those 20 pages when you have customers to serve? Bring in a copywriter to do the hard work.

#4 Gets you found on Google

Can you find your website on Google with the keywords your customer is searching for? No? Then you need a copywriter skilled in SEO or search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation is critical for small businesses. Everyone you know is searching on Google so why get left behind?

A well-optimised website can entice people to click through and buy from you.

SEO copywriting can transform your website from an extra to a superstar.
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#5 Share valuable insights

No small business owner I’ve met has ever mentioned how they like writing blogs.
In fact, they avoid writing anything if they can. Many can’t think of anything interesting to say, much less write regular blog posts.

Publishing regular blog articles can take many forms:

  • your insights in running your business
  • customer interviews
  • successful business processes
  • challenges you faced and how you overcame them
  • case studies
  • testimonials

A copywriter can:

  • supply well-optimised blogs with the right keywords
  • brainstorm different ideas for content
  • professionally edit and proofread your work

#6 Video scripts
Video is the buzz word at the moment. For an entrepreneur, videos are a good way of connecting with your customers and show who is behind a business.
For business videos that get watched, you need a strong script. Don’t know how to write it? Ask a copywriter.

#7 Product descriptions

Product descriptions are what entices your customer to click the BUY button. Unfortunately, many PDs are vanilla. Bog-standard and boring. A copywriter with creative flair can turn the most boring product into one customers will buy.

#8 Sales pages

Running a course or want people to sign up to a wait list?
Writing the sales page is an art.

It needs to include:

  • your reader’s motivations for buying your product or service
  • your buyer’s fears
  • testimonials from others who have bought that product or course and
  • the right CTA (calls to actions) so the reader takes the action you want them to immediately

Many sales pages fall flat because they don’t include this structure. Do you want droves of people running to your website to sign up? Get a copywriter to write the sales page.

#9 Profile or About page

The About section is the most read page on any website. But writing about yourself is hard.
What do you mention and what do you leave out?
A copywriter will dig deep and highlight your best qualities – making you sound awesome!

#10 Social media copywriting

Small and medium sized businesses are usually erratic when posting on social media. Their posts are like damp pieces of wood – unlikely to excite their ideal client. Their pages often have low engagement and a low readership. If your Facebook page is gathering dust, get a social media copywriter to add some sparkle and shine.

#11 Strong content strategy

Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day. You keep putting off writing a content strategy. It’s too hard and you have no idea where to start. Copywriters specialise in getting content to work for you. Get someone in to develop a strategy for your business.

Where can you find a good copywriter?

  • Referrals – ask your customers if they know someone who might be a good fit
  • Facebook business groups
  • Google search
  • Your local networking group
  • Your business advisory organisation

A good copywriter brings their skill, expertise and knowledge to help your business grow. It won’t come cheap but you’ll be glad you invested in it.

Have you ever hired a copywriter? What difference did it make to your business?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash