SEO copywriting & SEO audits

Do you need SEO for your business but don’t know exactly what it is or how it works?

Have you been burned by an SEO agency who promised you a first page spot but the sales or leads are not coming in?

You need an SEO copywriter who’ll simplify SEO for your business and show you how you can manage it yourself.

I can help you with SEO copywriting and figuring out why your website is not delivering through an SEO audit. I review everything, from how quickly your page is loading to what keywords are performing well on your site.

SEO need not be a scary thing. I help businesses optimise their website and content so you get found by your customers. I also explain everything I do and run monthly reports as part of it, so you can see what’s changing and improving.

I’m a graduate of The Recipe for SEO Success and know my stuff. I’ve also applied it to my own website and that of customers and helped increase their search traffic, Google ranking and sales.

If you need help with SEO, contact me today and let’s get you sorted S….E…O!

Real Life Case Study coming soon…