What happens after you’ve hired me as your copywriter?

Your project is important and it deserves my whole attention. That’s why I work on one or two projects at a time so my clients get my undivided attention. I don’t outsource any part of the work. Once you’ve signed my proposal and quote and paid a commencement fee,  I’ll book you into my calendar.

1st step: Briefing call

In this call, we get into the nitty-gritty of what makes you and your business special. Who are your ideal customers? What are your brand values? This is where I ask you all sorts of information and where I get to know you and your business. It lasts one hour and is included in the project fee.

2nd step: Research

I do my own research, including looking at competitors and keywords.

3rd step: Writing

At this stage, I write the first draft of the content and send it to you for review. It takes 2.5 weeks from the briefing call.

4th step: Client reviews

You review the content and provide feedback. I make the changes in the second draft and send it back for review. I will also submit my invoice at this stage.

5th step: Final draft

Once all changes have been made, I’ll submit a final clean copy which can be sent straight to your developer for upload. 


Q. What do you charge?

I charge a fixed or set fee (not an hourly rate) for each project.

Q. Do you understand my industry?

I don’t take on projects unless I’m 120% certain I can deliver on it. If I’m not suited to your project, I will happily give you the names of other reliable copywriters in my professional network. I believe in utmost transparency when dealing with clients.

Q. I didn’t really like what you wrote, what now?

We will work on the copy together until you’re happy with what I’ve written. I do offer a money-back guarantee in some cases.

Q. When do I pay your invoice?

I will send you my invoice once the second draft has been submitted. It’s because I don’t anticipate any major changes at this stage. If there are major rewrites it’ll be charged as out of scope and incur additional charges. 

Q. Do you provide keywords as part of the service?

I believe in adding basic SEO to the content so your keywords are included, plus meta tags and descriptions

Q. How many rounds of revisions are included?

I offer two rounds of revisions for each page or document. These are included in the quote.

Q. Do you work with agencies?

Yes, I do work with agencies and write a variety of content for them.


About me

Hi! My name is Rashida Tayabali, a copywriter for female entrepreneurs. I specialise in helping women entrepreneurs say what they do, how they do it and why they do it best using the right words. So if you have a powerful story you want to share or are making a real difference in the world with your product or service, let me help you tell it in words that work.