I’ll be honest. I don’t really like reading other people’s ‘year in review’ type of posts.
Mostly because they make me feel a little inadequate – that I should have worked harder, done more, written more and read more when I compare to what others in my industry have done.
This year, I’ve decided to write my own post. So that I can get all the negativity I felt during 2017 out of the way, and start 2018 with a clean slate.

What happened to me in 2017 personally

By far, the biggest life changing event that happened to me was adding baby no.2 to the family. I had a healthy, baby girl in July 2017 after suffering through a nightmarish pregnancy from October the previous year. All-day sickness, nausea, unable to eat or taste my food. I also had to become best friends with my home toilet and those in shopping centres.
I was miserable, floundering because I couldn’t write, had set no goals in 2017 because I wasn’t expecting to work a lot, so didn’t know what to do.
My copywriting community was a big support – took my mind off things, and kept me in the loop so I didn’t feel isolated.
I also piled on the pregnancy weight and felt even more unhappy – I wasn’t eating because of nausea, but still the scales kept moving up.

In short, I was lost, unhappy and feeling resentful that my life and work, once again, were going to change.

What happened to me work-wise

I managed to work all through to June and then went on mat leave. But it was hard and of course my income took a massive hit.
2017 was the first year where my income didn’t double. I felt even more discouraged but my health simply couldn’t keep up and I had to stop work.

So I let go, after shedding a few tears, at seeing all my hard work come to a grinding halt.

But then, things took a turn for the better:

  • I had a gorgeous, sweet baby girl and all the pregnancy weight came off quickly.
  • Because I wasn’t worried about working, I spent time learning how to juggle both kids, with no external pressures.
  • I wrote not one, but two feature articles 3 weeks after I came home from the hospital. It gave me a much needed confidence boost in my writing and that I could still do it with 2 children.
  • A client I had to let go last year requested to come back in 2018.
  • I took on a new client but lost them in 2 weeks – we were not a good match and I’m glad I made that call. The money would have been welcome, the stress not so much.
  • I started exercising again and that made me feel heaps better.
  • I could actually taste my food and coffee again and that made me so happy!
  • I completed the Recipe for SEO Success e-course and doing my very first SEO audit/content writing for a client in 2018.
  • I tinkered with my website design, content and FINALLY I am happy with it.
  • We went for a family holiday to Singapore – we all needed it desperately and had an amazing time.
  • A friend who’s CV I rewrote actually landed her dream job!

So I had some wins, some losses but most importantly, I didn’t have to start my business from scratch despite taking time off.

What 2018 looks like:

  • I’ve set a monthly income target for writing.
  • I’ll be going back to more feature writing – in fact one of my bucket list publications actually responded to my pitch! So fingers crossed the Ed likes it, and it’ll be printed next year.
  • I’ve set a goal for 52 blog posts for my website – it’ll be interesting to stick to a schedule each week!
  • I’ve listed a couple of publications on my bucket list that I’ll be pitching to.
  • I’ve decided to try my hand at travel writing and food writing.
  • Scheduled time for personal development – I’ve enrolled in a few courses I need to complete.
  • Do regular interviews for my passion project – The Newcomer magazine which also got sidelined in 2017.
  • Lose 7 kg through the keto diet.
  • Attend 4 networking events in 2018. I decided I need to get out and meet people IRL as in previous years. I’ve already booked myself in for events in Feb and May 2018.
  • Spend quality time with both my kids and family, travel, read more and exercise more.
  • Get my half written novel to 1st draft – this is a BIG one for me.
  • Be less judgemental (yep, this one sneaks up on me despite my best efforts to not judge) – I have already started this one thanks to this book.
  • Less guilt, more fun – which means housework gets done, when it gets done!

So now that I have a clean slate, I feel ready for 2018! What’ll your new year look like?