copywriter for female entrepreneurs

My name is Rashida Tayabali and I’m a copywriter for women in business.

Unfortunately, I’m not the confetti-throwing type of copywriter you might see on social media. This is the home of solid content + lots of personality + proper grammar + ‘won’t miss a deadline’ type of copywriter.

You know – the old fashioned kind? The type who’s deeply invested in your success and ‘keeps her word’ type of writer.

So if you’re looking for a copywriter who creates content based on solid marketing principles + good storytelling to attract and convert your customers (sans a love of confetti) you’re in the right place.

I write website copy, newsletters, blogs, feature articles, SEO website copy and lots more, to help support your business growth, raise your profile or attract your ideal clients so you get precious hours back to work ON your business.

Because we could all do so much more with those extra hours right?



Brand storytelling

Not getting much traction with content? Use storytelling to engage, convince and connect with your stakeholders.

Blog Copywriting

Blogs that are knowledgeable and fun to read plus SEO friendly too!

SEO Copywriting

Confused about what SEO can do for your website and content? I provide content that’s search engine friendly.

Website Copywriting

Website feeling a little flat? Get brand new, sparkly content that wows your customers

Feature Articles

Stories brought to life through colourful quotes, interesting angles and relevant statistics.

Small Business Copywriting

Clever copy that connects with and convinces customers to buy from you.


Extremely happy with the manifesto

As a small business owner of 9 years, I appreciate efficiency and accountability in other business owners, and Rashida has that in spades. Now I have a new project, I engaged Rashida to help me clarify my message by way of a manifesto for Legally Wise Women. Rashida immediately understood what I was after, was very receptive to feedback and refinement, and I am extremely happy with the manifesto that I can stand by for years to come.

Jacqui Brauman

Founder and Lawyer, Legally Wise Women

Exceeded my expectations

Rashida is very professional, supportive and a pleasure to work with. She understood my business, the industry and made my website copy beyond what I expected. I will certainly use her services again. Thank you so much!

Catarina Sartor

Yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant, Catarina Sartor Yoga Events & Ayurveda

A job really well done

We would like to extend a big “Thank You” for the blogs that you created for us to get our site up and running. During content review we did have a few people express that they loved the content as well. You did a great job with committing to our internal timelines as well. A job really well done!

Josephine Daly

Senior Communications Manager, Amway Australia & New Zealand


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