Did you know it’s easier to write a blog post that tackles a specific subject than one that talks about everything? In my last blog post, I shared how I brainstormed 60 blog ideas in 30 minutes.
My first strategy was choosing 4 areas I wanted to focus on; feature writing, copywriting, productivity and running a business. In short, I got specific.
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If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I write a mix of feature articles and content for businesses. Recently, I’ve realised how much the structure of a feature article overlaps with a blog post.
A good feature article and an interesting blog post:

  • talk about a specific angle as opposed to talking about everything
  • cover real life examples to explain points
  • feature interesting people as experts
  • support arguments with statistics and research like Neil Patel does
  • keep readers hooked beyond the headline

So how do you take a generic blog post idea and turn it into something people read, share or comment on?

  1. Pick one topic and brainstorm different ways you could write it. For example, instead of writing a listicle based on 10 different marketing tools, pick one and write about it in-depth.
  2. Research the topic to see what others have written about it. Could you add new information to it? Add a time factor to it to give people a quick fix e.g. Turn your life around in 10 minutes.
  3. Look for an angle that other bloggers haven’t mentioned. For example, there are thousands of productivity articles out on the web, could you share a personal story about one that works well for you or an app that’s made you more efficient?
  4. Feature an expert in a particular field and relate it to your business. For example, say you found a new start-up which became successful quickly. Could you interview the CEO to get insights on lessons learnt and apply that to small business owners who might be stuck where they are?
  5. Predicting trends is a good one as I found out recently. Following this one blog post, I had over 1,000+ people visit my website from social media, received over 20 LinkedIn connection requests, comments and shares. To date, just on LinkedIn, I generated over 200 views of my post with people not in my network reading and commenting. This has been my best performing post so far.
  6. Attended a networking event and enjoyed it? Write about it including key learnings. Many people hate networking events so reading something positive can be great for them and your website.
  7. News and current affairs are a valuable source of blog post ideas. I saw an ad on TV that I loved and so I blogged about storytelling and capturing your audience’s attention.

Next time, you feel stuck writing generic posts, get specific. If you have to blog for a living, you might as well enjoy it!
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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash