Feature Writing

Do you need a feature writer to take on ideas and write articles for your magazine or business?

As a feature writer, I’ve written articles on:

  • parenting
  • health and wellness
  • finance
  • superannuation
  • high profile career women
  • successful migrants in Australia

My stories have appeared in digital and print magazines in:

  • Sunday Life
  • Kidspot
  • Life & Style (SMH)
  • Essential Kids & Essential Baby (SMH)
  • The Hoopla
  • Women’s Health & Fitness
  • Practical Parenting
  • Women’s Agenda
  • ONYA magazine
  • True Wealth magazine (NGS Super)
  • Men’s Fitness magazine
  • Fitness First magazines
  • My Career
  • SBS Voices

Contact me on rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au if you would like feature articles / sponsored content written for your publication or business.