Every so often, I share case studies of the clients I’ve worked with to give you an idea of the type of work that I do. These mini-blogs / case studies show:

  • the client’s brief
  • my processes
  • work that was delivered and
  • client outcomes.

Client business: Emotional Intelligence Coach (Growing business)

About the client:

The client was running her own business as a solopreneur and wanted her new website to position her as a bigger organisation with a team, with clarity and separation around her services and offerings.

She hadn’t worked with a copywriter before and was unsure of how to approach it. The client was part of my LinkedIn network and gave me a call after following my posts for some time.

She wanted to hire a copywriter because she was busy running her business and needed copywriting expertise to help with the website content.

See the client’s website here.

The first step of the copywriting process

I had a no-obligation, free 15 minutes discovery call with the client where I got to know her, the business and what she was after.

I ran through some of my own processes, gave her a ballpark estimate for the project and gathered the information to create a detailed, copywriting proposal for a seven-page website.

My website copywriting process

After she signed the proposal, we scheduled a 60-minute briefing call in which I gathered detailed information about her business, her ideal clients, competitors, point of differentiation among other bits of information.

I created a website navigation structure and re-organised the information categories (information architecture) she wanted on her new website to make it easy for the users.

I separated out all the different services she offered, including new service pages, so each service page spoke to a particular audience.

I also conducted keyword research for her business and structured her service pages to read like sales pages (more likely to convert).

I suggested to the client that we also create wireframes for the website (show how the copy will be laid out visually) and guided her with information on how to choose brand colours so she could see how the website would look before a single webpage was created.

All the client had to do was review the copy for the pages, mark up changes. I would revise these and send her a clean second draft.

I kept the client updated at every stage to make sure she was clear on what I was doing and it was in line with her expectations.

website copywriting for EQ coach

Outcomes of the website copy project

  1. Website copy that was optimised for Google and positioned the client as the ‘go-to expert’ in her industry
  2. Each service page spoke to a different audience to show how her service was uniquely positioned to meet the needs of her clients
  3. Copy that spoke to her ideal client – big corporations who recognised the value of having emotionally intelligent employees
  4. Clearly bringing out customer pain points and show how her services met those needs
  5. User-friendly website layout and navigation
  6. Benefit focused title tags and meta descriptions to help the client’s ranking in Google
  7. Each page and its content was optimised for SEO
  8. Wrote empathetic words for CTA like ‘Unlock the secret to intelligent leadership’
  9. Combined the best of her knowledge, skills and expertise on an About page that reinforced her diverse experience
  10. I presented all the copy in a web developer-friendly format which was ready for upload as soon as she approved it
  11. Time taken from start to finish: 6 weeks

Informal client feedback

This looks AMAZING, I am so happy with it.

Do you need website copy that’s optimised for Google and showcases your services and products to their best without you having to write it yourself? Book in a free 15 minute, no-obligation discovery call and let’s chat.