Freelancing while on holiday

Photos often show a working holiday as being idyllic, laptop on a sun lounger, floppy hats and a cool drink on the side as you work on your latest project. While I would looove to work like that, my experiences of freelancing during a holiday is nowhere near this...

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How this Bollywood movie suffered from bad editing

Do you love or hate editing? Good editing can leave your audience moved to tears, bad editing makes them feel disgruntled or dissatisfied. Historical movies  I love historical movies. Whether they come from Hollywood or Bollywood, I'm a sucker for well written and...

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How I brainstormed 60 blog ideas in 30 minutes

Let me start by saying brainstorming blog ideas is the easy part. The harder part is writing the actual post and then clicking the "publish" button. In December 2017, I set myself a goal of writing 52 blogs (one for each week) for my website the following year. I...

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