Do you even need a copywriter for your business?

hiring a copywriter

This is the second post in my series created to educate people on what copywriting can do for your business.

My first post is here is where I answer the million-dollar Q: What does a copywriter do?

You may think I’m in favour of you hiring a copywriter straight away. The answer is no.

Just like you don’t need that 7th pair of yoga tights that’s on sale, you might not need a copywriter for your business.

Sometimes, you might be doing an ok job writing your own stuff, and that’s fine.

Or you might just be starting a business and not wanting to invest in a copywriter just yet. It’s your baby, and you’re not keen to give it to someone else to dress. That’s fine too.


You need to hire a copywriter if:

  1. You’re struggling to write content for your business. And running out of time because other things are competing for your time and attention
  2. Writing content is not something you enjoy or are good at. But you’re reluctant to bring in an outsider thinking they might not understand you or your business, or take away your IP. (I will address this in another post, stay tuned)
  3. You want to do a lot more in your business, to get it the exposure you feel is lacking. You want publicity, award entries, editorials, guest blogs but you lack the time, skill or knowledge
  4. The words on your website are obsolete because your business is different now. And customers are pointing that out to you (cringe)
  5. You’re not using your website as a lead generation tool or worse, you don’t even have a website
  6. You want blogs to inform, educate or sell to your customers but don’t know where to start or topics to write on
  7. You’re sending out emails and newsletters haphazardly, writing content that’s hit and miss, and not getting traction
  8. Your social media is simply not working

What are the benefits of hiring a copywriter to write your content?

  • It will free you up to think about your business and give you time to work ON your business instead of IN it.
  • You gain the confidence to market yourself and your business across different channels because you know your content is working for you
  • You’ll get a fresh pair of expert eyes and mind to critically look at what’s working, what’s not, and what else you need to do to improve sales, SEO, brand authority and awareness, or customer education
  • You get the right words to impress someone from the start (you have less than 3 seconds to grab your customer’s attention on your website)
  • You could be missing out on leads if your SEO is not up to scratch, including missing keywords and meta descriptions
  • Your website is nowhere to be seen on Google for people looking for a product or service like yours
  • Being too close to your business, it’s often difficult to write the right words or craft messages that create an impact
  • You get marketing and business expertise for your business. Copywriters know how to combine psychology and use motivation to create content that brings you results
  • As with any business service, it adds to your business, it’ll help you grow. You can get more sales, publicity, followers, awards, recognition, credibility, repeat customers and opportunities
  • A copywriter can identify if the current content might be too technical, or full of jargon. They can write concise copy that converts your customers

What’s next?

If you’d like to know more about what copywriting can do for your brand, send me an email Or  book a free 15-minute discovery call via email, valid all through July 2020 only.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay