Copywriter in Sydney living the dream…

The little girl who dreamed in black and white

There was once a little girl, on a sunny island town in Africa, who dreamed in black and white. Words swarmed around her brain constantly so she itched to write, as soon as she could hold a pencil. She was often found reading quietly in a corner, lips moving silently.

Her books grew alongside her and she wrote pages and pages of prose, essays and poems all through school. She dreamed of majestic libraries and loved nothing better than meeting a kindred spirit – another reader to sit with and talk about books.

She grew up and stopped writing – because you know life. She went to university and finished a degree at the other end of the world – the land down under, the city of surf and endless sunny skies – Perth, Western Australia.

She grew up even more and got married, had babies. While at home, her beloved suggested she might want to try writing again. ‘You always loved it’ he said. So she took a chance.

7 years later, this little girl’s dream came true finally. She now writes stories for a living and creates her own magic on pages. This big girl and mum still dreams in black and white.

The end.

Copywriter and storyteller

Welcome to my world of writing and storytelling where I play the main, if not all, the characters.

I hope you enjoyed my little creation at the beginning (It’s original. Contact me if you want a little story of your own. Please don’t borrow mine. I will put you in a book and kill you).

My name is Rashida Tayabali, a freelance copywriter and content writer living in my dream city of Sydney.

What does a copywriter do?

I can do all this and more for you (index finger pointing downwards emoji):

 original, fresh-off-the-press copy such as emails, newsletters, blogs and anything else you use to stay in touch with your customers

 creating a human connection with your brand or business through storytelling – videos, scripts, social media posts, customer stories

easy-to-understand, simple content, exactly how your brand would talk if it were human

 tooting your own horn in a way that’s acceptable to you. We can do shouting from the rooftops too!

 putting the right words in your mouth – it’s yum. They’ll taste so gooey and delicious, like a warm scone smothered with fragrant, strawberry jam and thick, luscious cream

 crafting clever content your customers will keep devouring (cue: scone analogy)

fine tuning your words into content so engaging and readable you won’t be sure that you actually wrote the copy

Whether you have a funky brand or a serious service, need a formal tone of voice or some cheekiness, I can adapt my style to suit your business.

Looking for a copywriter?

So if you’re in the market for some business copywriting, get in touch via my contact form or email me directly at rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au with details about your copywriting project, deadline and budget.

I’m based in Sydney but work with clients across Australia.

Flick through a magazine…

and you might find my byline there. The fact that I can write for magazines and get paid? Well, that’s my Master Storyteller Trophy right there.

Some stories I’ve written:

How an abundance mindset is key to getting what you want – SUNDAY LIFE
When the television worries your child – ESSENTIAL KIDS (SMH)
How to start your own business during maternity leave – KIDSPOT
Finding the beauty within – MY CAREER
Five clever apps to get you organised in 2018 – KIDSPOT
In our house we don’t talk to the children like that – KIDSPOT

Let’s connect on social media

As a writer, I suffer from an addiction to social media (it’s tragic but unavoidable).

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Professional memberships and courses

I belong to The Clever Copywriting School Sydney. I have a degree in Marketing & Management from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia and worked in six different industries, in Perth and Sydney, before becoming a copywriter.

If you feel confused about the world of search engines, websites and enticing meta descriptions, then I would love to explain it to you – in simple terms.


 I’m a huge, HUGE Bollywood movie and song buff. Aint no trivia that I can’t answer!
 I was born in Kenya many years ago (That’s East Africa in case you didn’t know. We have all the best long distance runners)
 I’m Indian by race (never been to the country yet I know the languages and cook the food. I can’t explain it either!)
 I’m always deleting exclamation marks from sentences and text messages
 I’m currently writing a novel that I hope to complete at the end of 2018
 I have 2 kids – boy and girl
 I can speak, read and write 3 languages. I can speak 2 other languages (That’s one of my superpowers) bringing it to a cool FIVE languages
 I am wildly envious of perfectly curated Instagram feeds
 I suck at any type of graphics or interior design. Hence I will never have a magazine style home
 I love to read fiction, memoirs, chick lit and historical novels

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