Hi! My name is Rashida Tayabali, a marketing copywriter with a passion for storytelling.

It’s copywriting with a twist, different but more effective because it taps into the human love of stories, and the ability to remember those stories. Great examples of these types of storytelling strategies include Humans of New York and National Geographic.

No ho-hum or ordinary words. Because words don’t have to be boring. Let me help your business shine using the right type of marketing content.

Who am I?

A person who’s always loved words and now makes a living out of them as a marketing copywriter living in Sydney (not just bread and butter but occasionally peanut butter too). I help businesses find that special sparkle through words. I can write fresh content or give your content a makeover so you sound your best and wow your customer.

I’m a marketing coordinator – turned – features writer – turned – copywriter.  I’ve worked in different industries – from consulting, to industrial manufacturing to nutritional supplements. 

As a features writer, I’ve written articles and editorials for online and print magazines e.g. parenting, health, superannuation, and fitness magazines. My favourite part of the job is to speak with new people, find their stories and weaving colourful quotes into stories.

As a marketing copywriter, I’ve written various content and copy for personal development, trades, coaches and trainers, food, real estate, builders, government, cleaning services, professional services, lifestyle, labs, health and wellness, beauty products and more.

I bring the best of these experiences and knowledge to writing your marketing copy.

Although being in marketing was pretty cool (lots of freebies), it’s writing that makes my pulse race because I love it. I bring this excitement to every client I work with!

PS: I’m originally from Kenya (which is in East Africa) and a graduate of the British Education System. This means I’m pedantic about proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don’t let my name put you off! Let’s chat about how I can help bring your content dreams to life.

Who I’ve written for…

AmwayNSW Government ArtsTransferWise

Womens AgendasmhNewsmodoSBS Life



What you’re looking for…

A copywriter who can turn your briefs into engaging articles which customers read, appreciate and refer to. Someone who also has knowledge of SEO and best practices when it comes to writing content for Google and others. A copywriter who is multi-faceted and can write a range of content that positions your business in the minds of your customers and helps you stand out (why blend in when you can be different?).

Someone who makes you sound as good on paper as you sound in your head! Especially great for small business owners who often have trouble putting their passion into the right words.

You want someone to identify the best content opportunities for you and gives you targeted and on-message content across different platforms that keep working hard for you 24/7.

If you have a content dream you’d like to come true for your business, let’s talk via email rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au

Professional memberships and courses

I’m a member of The Clever Copywriting School in Sydney and a graduate of The Recipe of SEO Success. I have also completed various courses from The Australian Writers Centre.

Let’s bring your content dreams to life. Send me a message at rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au or using my Contact page

Connect with me on LinkedIn! Let’s chat more.

Rashida Tayabali Marketing Copywriter

I’m only on LinkedIn, because life is short and I’d rather read a book. And I can’t stand any more memes, or celebrity videos!

When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with some special humans, writing my novel, or watching Netflix. I also love walking, yoga and Bollywood dancing (which I’m learning now and loving).

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