Do you need fresh, creative content that:

  • engages customers and convinces them to buy
  • persuades customers to sign up for OR eagerly open your newsletters or emails
  • customers share on social media?
  • helps customers form a strong bond with your brand or business?


You’re too busy and so is your in-house department doing all the things that need to be done on a daily basis.

You already have a writer in-house but that person is trying to stay on top of their regular job duties, never mind coming up with new ideas to create content.

Content marketing, or content strategy on how to get better ROI are doing your head in and you need some clarity

You run a digital or marketing agency and need someone who knows what they’re doing to take on extra work.

I write the following types of content:

That’s where I can help you as a copywriter-on-demand ready to…

  • brainstorm new content ideas
  • write content using storytelling techniques
  • find the stories inside your organisation
  • create a content strategy or content marketing plan
  • take up overflow work

Want content that sounds exactly right and your customers love? Yes I do that too!

Professional and reliable copywriting service in Sydney

I offer a professional and reliable copywriting service…which is also affordable to help you turn around projects quickly so that you can get on with more important things.

Don’t keep putting content creation/content strategy/content marketing in the too-hard basket.

Get high-quality marketing content that connects with your customer, help you stand out in a crowded market and defines your brand.

Book a NO-OBLIGATION CALL to discuss your next copywriting project. Email rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au with your project details to set up a call.

I offer the following copywriting and content services:

  • writing original, fresh-off-the-press copy such as emails, newsletters, blogs, email campaigns and other content you use to stay in touch with your customers
  • creating a human connection with your brand or business through storytelling – videos, scripts, social media posts, customer stories
  • writing easy-to-understand, simple content, exactly how your brand would talk if it were human
  • auditing your content, filling in the gaps and creating a content strategy
  • choosing the right words for your project in alignment with your objectives
  • crafting clever content your customers will appreciate
  • fine-tuning your words into engaging and readable content
  • Whether you have a funky brand or a serious service, need a formal tone of voice or some cheekiness, I can adapt my style to suit your business.

I work with clients across Australia and overseas.

What makes me qualified to be a copywriter?

  • Experience in corporate roles as marketing/project coordinator/writer in six different industries
  • Published bylines in many of Australia’s leading publications like Sunday Life, SMH, News.com.au and SBS Life. I bring a journalist’s eye and flair for storytelling to all projects
  • A professional, reliable writer who works well with in-house comms teams and multiple deadlines
  • Experienced in working with big brands
  • Current working knowledge of SEO
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
  • Completed professional writing courses from the Australian Writers Centre

Feature writer for Australian magazines

KidspotSMH LIfe and StyleWomens AgendaSBS Life

Sunday LifeMens FitnessEssential BabyPractical ParentingEssential Kids

Professional memberships and courses

I’m a member of The Clever Copywriting School in Sydney and a graduate of The Recipe of SEO Success. I have also completed various courses from The Australian Writers Centre.

My back story & some conversation starters:

  • I’m originally from Kenya (that’s in East Africa with all the best long-distance runners, cassava chips and coconuts).
  • I migrated to Australia in 2004 to study at university and never looked back.
  • I am a marketer-turned-content creator and copywriter living in beautiful (often crowded!) Sydney.
  • One little human also had a lot to do with this career change.
  • I started off writing feature articles for many leading Australian magazines both in print and online learning what makes a good story and how to capture a reader’s attention. Now I balance feature writing with copywriting and content creation.

PS: English is my first language so don’t let my name scare you off!

I’m a product of the British Education system and know how to use apostrophes. I’m also the proud winner of many essay writing competitions, medals and trophies in English. 

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