Want quality content for your business without having to write it yourself?

My mission is to reduce content stress and overwhelm for busy female entrepreneurs, and give them back time to focus on building their business.

You’re a woman in business and love what you’re creating and selling, BUT you’re stuck when it comes to writing content.

You need clear and concise content to help you achieve your business goals but don’t have the time, energy or resources to do it yourself.

What if you focused only on running your business while any copy you needed was provided by someone who took the time to understand what you do and why you do it best?

So you get content that builds your credibility, speaks to your customers in their language, creates brand awareness or positions you as a thought leader.

All without you having to sit down in your spare time and think about what to write, and feel frustrated that the words aren’t sounding right.

What if you could use that precious, free time to spend with family or friends, watch that long-overdue movie, read a bestseller or think of new ways to grow your business and make more sales?

Content to help YOU stand out, get noticed and win customers

My name is Rashida Tayabali, a copywriter for female entrepreneurs and women in business. I specialise in helping women entrepreneurs (just like you) tell the world what they do using the best words.

So if you have a powerful story you want to share, are going in a new business direction, rebranding, or making a real difference in the world with your product or service, let me help you tell it in words that work.

Connect deeply with your audience using carefully crafted content that moves them, get found on Google and shine, when you hire a friendly and professional copywriter like me.

Meet your new CopyBFF

I take the time to understand your business, your goals and give you content that helps you stand out and improve your business, without you having to write it yourself. Send me an email rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au to book in a discovery call and let’s get started.

What I do

Brand storytelling

Not getting much traction with content? Use storytelling to engage, convince and connect with your stakeholders.

Blog Copywriting

Blogs that are knowledgeable and fun to read plus SEO friendly too!

SEO Copywriting

Confused about what SEO can do for your website and content? I provide content that’s search engine friendly.

Website Copywriting

Website feeling a little flat? Get brand new, sparkly content that wows your customers

Feature Articles

Stories brought to life through colourful quotes, interesting angles and relevant statistics.

Small Business Copywriting

Clever copy that connects with and convinces customers to buy from you.

I’ve worked with

On-target communications

Rashida has been an important part of our team in 2016, her ability to create several on-target communications for various clients has been a wonderful asset to our marketing program Hivernate. She is prompt, transparent and able to mould her writing for various clients and industries but more importantly a real delight to work with. We are excited at the prospect of working with her again. Sharon Latour

CEO, Marketing Bee digital agency

A job really well done!

We would like to extend a big “Thank You” for the blogs that you created for us to get our site up and running. During content review we did have a few people express that they loved the content as well. You did a great job with committing to our internal timelines as well. A job really well done! Josephine Daly

Senior Communications Manager, Amway Australia & New Zealand

Creative ideas 

It is a pleasure to have Rashida in my team for Leaders in Heels. She has an excellent work ethic, is very supportive, efficient and the most important in overlooking editorial section of the magazine she perfectly knows how to plan towards deadlines. She is creative in ideas and is able to easily switch from writing professional press releases to light-hearted posts. I would recommend her for any role that requires entrepreneurial spirit and experience in marketing and writing.

Kasia Gospos

Founder and CEO, Leaders in Heels

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