Website copywriting services

Over the course of my career as a copywriter, I’ve found new and existing businesses often struggle with the following when it comes to writing copy for their website:

  • They don’t know much about their dream customer
  • The copy is often jumbled and trying to talk to too many customer demographics
  • Badly written copy that puts off potential visitors to their website
  • Poor Google rankings
  • No SEO optimisation
  • They’re too busy to write a cohesive sounding website so someone on their team hastily throws some words together on the pages

If this is you, then you need a website copywriter (me) who can:

  • Help you create a customer avatar – a picture of your ideal customer who can be targeted in all business communications creating a single voice that speaks directly to them
  • Well researched competitor analysis – if you don’t know what competitors are offering how can you stay in business?
  • Well written website copy for your business that takes the hassle out of you having to think about it
  • SEO optimisation of your current website and copy which can help you get found in searches
  • Website copy with wit and personality – no vanilla here

How much will it cost to write website copy?

Instead of offering you a price package (and locking you in) to something that doesn’t really meet your current business needs, I put together a custom copywriting pricing package for all my clients. This ensures you pay for what your business really needs rather than services which are superfluous.

So whether you need website copy combined with blogs and newsletters or only SEO copywriting I can create a package that works hard for you!

A sample package can contain website copy, blogs, About pages, staff profiles, SEO copywriting, newsletters, customer stories, case studies, press releases and anything else you fancy.

Examples of my website copywriting portfolio

Here are some examples of copy I’ve written for websites:

UrbanYou provides domestic services on demand in Sydney –

Shaun Jones Landscape Photographer –

Next steps

Please email me on or call + 61 403 650 990 for a personalised copywriting quote.