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Why I decided to choose a special word for 2018

I’ve seen a few bloggers and writers whose work I follow choose a special word to define a new year. This ‘special word’ helps them choose the right work and whatever else they’ve decided to achieve.

For the first time, I’ve decided to do the same. Somehow, in previous years, the idea appealed to me but I never got around to actually choosing a word. Because of a change in my mindset and how I’ll be approaching everything in 2018, my word is: COMMIT.

Why commit?

While writing my 2017 wrap-up post, I saw that I started a few projects in 2016 and 2017 which are currently unfinished. I’ve not put any effort into it so there’s been no progress because I lacked the motivation or circumstances stopped me. I don’t like unfinished business.

‘Commit’ will help me stick to my goals and remind me that I need to keep going and more importantly – finish what I started.

I once read a quote about the importance of plugging away at something until it’s finished. Why? Just like a book, the ending may surprise you.

So this year, I’m planning to surprise myself by committing. Committing to typing ‘the end’ on my novel, completing a fabulous copywriting course and knocking out 24 interviews for my magazine.

To help me stay on track to complete all these fabulous intentions I:

  • Bought a passion planner diary from the US which includes my why, where I want to be in 3 months, 6 months, lifetime. While I’ll still be writing a to-do list, a planner shows me the bigger picture and my whys are guaranteed to help me stay on track on the slow days. I’ve only filled in the page for January but already I love this diary and so glad I bought it.
  • made a vision board filled with things I want in 2018, why I chose to be self employed, to remind me of what I’m working towards and why
  • positive affirmations listed near my desk to remind me of some important things I need to be told each day e.g. I intend to run my own race in 2018 and not worry about comparison-itis
  • My list of goals and timelines stuck near my desk to remind me of all the things I need to achieve in 2018 and how I’ll complete them

I’m all set to commit and achieve this year. Have you chosen a word to guide you in 2018?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    Great post, Rashida! And great to know another Passion Planner fan – this is my 2nd year using one. I didn’t intend to do the ‘word of the year’ thing, but one just came to me. And it’s simple: “YES”. As in say “yes” to more this year after hibernating much of 2017. So far, I’ve said yes to re-branding and a business conference in Brisbane next month. 🙂 I might have to pinch your idea of pinning a list of goals – and timelines! – where I can see them. I wish you well in your year of COMMITment!

    • Rashida Tayabali
      Rashida Tayabali says:

      Thanks Virginia! Your word of the year sounds great. I’m sure you’ll have so many more opportunities. Good luck!


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